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    I travel to VA and FL to visit family several times a year and always carry.

    In transit to VA recently, I had plenty of time to think and it occured to me that a handy App (or interface) for Google Maps would be one that gave the law for each state you were mapping out.

    Charleston, SC to Louisville, KY for instance...

    Just put in the from and to addresses and when you get the map you also get a button or something that showed you the laws for each county and state along the route!

    Anyone have the skills to make this happen????

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    That would be a nice feature to have the option to pay for.

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    Pack-N-Go Carry Concealed Map

    It's not Google but it does provide information for each state you will travel through.

    Pack-N-Go Carry Concealed Trip Planner

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    What I think would be a great app., if the gps would tell you when you are nearing the border/state line, which will give you the chance to pull into a WaWa and disarm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by champr View Post
    It's not Google but it does provide information for each state you will travel through.

    Pack-N-Go Carry Concealed Trip Planner

    Great informaton ... Big Thank you!
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    I helped this guy get his app going ( gave him info on Washington State). He doesn't have a webpage but does have a Facebook page

    iBear Arms

    His app is for the iPhone/iPod Touch and Android Phones

    Right2Bear was created for individuals across the United States who have their concealed weapons license. The application will serve as a repository of information on state laws and other general information including forbidden areas, permit cost and information, government offices with maps and phone numbers, and frequently asked questions. Navigating through the application is simple. Just select your state you reside in, select ‘Go’ and you will have the information right at your fingertips. Want to search through other states to find their laws? Not a problem. It’s all included in Right2Bear.

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    'just googled Right2Bear and it is also available for the IPAD for $0.99/ Great! Thanks for the info.
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    i dont like that site... it bothers me that is says Illinois is an open carry state... clearly its far from that...
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