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  1. I rigged up a similar set up in my truck when I bought it new in '01 using a version of the now defunct San Pedro Saddlery's Gun Bucket holster that was made to mount to flat surface. I've used it for various guns that have served as my 'truck gun' over the last decade and have found it to work well for everything from a K frame to full sized semi autos like a 1911 or CZ-75. I did end up having to modify the insert in the console. I cut a hole in the bottom of it in the corner where the holster is mounted so I can be sure that it will ride low enough for the door to shut if I end up using a gun with a longer than 5 inch barrel.

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    Console or under dash

    I looked at doing something in the console but felt it was too reachable by my kiddos. At present they don't even know it is under the dash. While minimal the blackhawk serpa provides some resistance (retention) to slow them down should they discover and want to pull it from the holster. If you don't know how to operate a serpa holster one would have to get down on the floor to look at the holster and sort it out.

    It goes without saying that my kids are gun-trained. How to handle and do not touch.

    My other concern with the console is how often it gets opened, thus exposing the weapon for the world to see. Same goes for the drivers door pocket (and I am not left handed).

  4. I AM left handed and I won't use the door pocket for just that reason. The only reasons I keep one in the truck to begin with is because I can't get to my gun on my hip due to ho close the door is to my left elbow, the shape of the seat and the seatbelt is in the way. I mounted the holster so that the gun is butt forward in the console. I'm also a CAS shooter (I shoot 1 gun in each hand, so I have learned to shoot with my off hand almost as well as my dominant one), so doing a Cavalry or Twist draw with my right hand if I need to get to it with my off hand is no big deal.

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  6. So can you not have the gun on you where you live, while in vehicle?

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    I spend most of my time behind a desk or in my vehicle. I drive a honda ridgeline truck. I have sometimes put it in the door pocket wrapped in a very soft thick towel. I put the towel in then the glock and the towel barley covers it. BUT that is on my left side and while I practice non dominant hand it is still an awkward move to draw and bring to bear toward the window. Now more often I put it in the center console which is a bit tricky to open to get to the lower compartment. I am waiting on a shoulder rig which I think solves all the problems.
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    I have a 1995 Dodge Ram 1500 with a crew cab. The middle front seat folds down and I am able to put my gun under that with the handle sticking out and even if I slam on my awesomely tight brakes, it does not dislodge. Usually though, I just keep it in the holster.

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    I am going to try and figure out how to mount a holster in my 2006 Dodge 2500. I want it easily accessible for my right hand, while being completely out of sight to anyone that would be casually looking in the truck. I think it will prove to be quite a challenge.
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    If you can't just wear your normal gun and rig while driving, you need to get some different gear.

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    I drive a 2001 Toyota Sienna. I carry my firearm at the 4:00 position, which makes it VERY easy to get to and doesn't get tangled up in my seat belt (which fastens at roughly the 3:00 position). I can access my firearm while sitting upright and buckled in; mounting it under the dash requires leaning forward to reach it - which takes precious time to grab, orient and shoot.

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