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  1. Help a wife!

    Hi there!

    I am surprising my husband with a trip to Las Vegas in June, he thinks we are going to North Carolina. He is a police officer, and I'm sure he will be more comfortable having his trusty handgun on him in Vegas. We are traveling by air from Michigan. I think I understand the process of taking a handgun on the airplane, but my question is, is he allowed to legally carry in LV? From the research I've done, it appears so, but I just thought I would clarify, and see if there was anything else I/we needed to know.



  3. Don't know about carrying there. You can definitely take the pistol in your checked luggage.

    TSA: Traveling with Special Items

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    Does he have a permit for Michigan? If so, then yes he can. Nevada has reciprocity with Michigan. Hope that helps!

  5. Yes, he has a permit, and is actually an Instructor for the CCW class, so we're covered there! Thanks!

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    yep sounds like he is good to go. I'm sure he will be a happy man.

    I think I may forward this thread to my wife! :D

  7. Watch out for todays tread maker,LVPD derek colling,hope you two don't run into him and have a nice time!!!

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    Not sure if he can carry in a school zone.

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    Look up HR-218, as a police officer with arrest powers he's covered in all 50 states without any CCW permit. He just needs his badge.

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    Thumbs down CCW Badges

    Quote Originally Posted by sourdough44 View Post
    He just needs his badge.
    We don't need no stinkin badges.

  11. Thanks

    Thanks for all your help!!

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