SC to WY - any suggestions?
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Thread: SC to WY - any suggestions?

  1. SC to WY - any suggestions?

    I will soon be driving from the upstate SC area (I-26 to I-40) to Wyoming, that last stretch ending on I-90. I now have my SC CWP and carry in SC everywhere I can, but I've only been a gun owner for 2.5 years, so extensive out-of-state travel while carrying concealed is new to me. I've checked your excellent website, and it seems that whatever route I take (not yet finalized) I can legally carry concealed through NC, TN, KY, AR, MO, IA, OK, KS, NE, SD and on into WY, while avoiding any route that might take me through IL. I'm not exactly clear if I may also put it in a closed but unlocked console/glove compartment in any of these states should the need arise. I'm also not clear on what to do if I dip South and back through CO on the return trip. I'm unable to apply for my FL non-resident permit at this time, too long unemployed to justify the expense - and not sure that on this particular trip it would be of any additional help. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    I live in WY, you shouldn't have any problems in South Dakota or Wyoming.

  4. Getting ready to pull out in a couple of days, sure hope I get a few more comments before I leave. Thanks!

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    I would read over the Colorado Gun Laws before you go there. Living in Arizona I try and avoid that state unless it is necessary
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