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    Never allow the police to search your vehicle. The only LEGAL way for LE to search is either arrest you or have PC or RAS of a crime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bootsdeal View Post
    I know this will upset some folks, but here goes. I was a full-time RV'r for a little over 10 years. My wife and I traveled most all the US, and since our RV was our home, always had several fire arms in the RV in addition to what I was carrying. Most of this time, I did not have a CHL (I do now). I don't remember being stopped during this period, but I have been pulled over several times earlier in my life (was probably carrying then, too). I have never been asked to search my car, because there has never been a reason. I don't drink, don't do drugs, and I'm not an irresponsible citizen, so I don't worry about it. I carry everywhere that I think that I need to. I try to make sure that I obey all the laws, but I'm gonna carry regardless while traveling. The protection of my wife and I trumps it all.
    Why you, you, you internet Rambo you! ...Nothing but a gangsta law breaker, you. ;-)
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    I read just a few replies,I also checked in to this when I was driving. No fireaarms in a comercial vehicle.
    that goes out of state. thats interstate transpertation of firearms. The D.o.T. Does not have to have probable cause to pull you over and search your truck. They can pull you over just for the hell of it and serch your truck. If you dont bleave me next time you get stopped at a weigh station ask them about carying firearms in a commercial vehicle. They will provide you with the correct answer and you may get you truck searched weather you like it or not.

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    Im a truck driver they cant just search your truck they have to have a warrant and us marshal present to search your truck. Your is like your home a warrant is required to gain access. And its not illegal to have a firearm in a commercial viehicle. Read the FMCSA BOOK.

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    Not true- MANY truckers carry in their trucks. Legally. My husband was DOT'd for a random inspection last month. Company driver. We were both carrying. When he gave the trooper his ID, he included his CPL, as well as mine. The officer looked at it, went back to his truck, then returned in about 2 or 3 minutes to do the inspection. We were both carrying. He never even spoke to me, other than a brief smile and a nod of acknowledgement. 40 minutes later, after the inspection was complete (he passed- yay!) and a little bit of idle chit chat, we were on our way. It boils down to company policy, for company drivers, but the general rule that is applied is state's transportation of firearms laws, taking into account of the destination of the delivery. That's where Illinois can get you- if the drop is in Illinois, that is not considered transporting THROUGH the state, but rather transporting TO the state. HUGE difference, in their eyes, and positively BAD NEWS for a truck driver who gets caught.

    His company's handbook says "No illegal weapons/substances blah blah blah" and ours are very legal. No issues at all.

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    Just found this in another forum:

    "I just received a letter from the DOT Office of Hazardous Materials Standards that answered the question. Here is the text of the letter.

    This responds to your letter regarding the applicability of the Hazardous Material Regulations (HMR; 49 CFR Parts 171 -180) to the transportation of a loaded personal firearm lawfully carried by a commercial motor vehicle operator while in the performance of his or her duties. Specifically, you ask whether the transportation of such a firearm is prohibited by the HMR under the "forbidden explosives" clause in 173.54(f).

    The answer to your question is no. Unless otherwise specified in 173.54(f), a personal loaded or unloaded firearm carried by a commercial motor vehicle operator is not considered in commerce and therefore not subject to the HMR. Under this scenario, a commercial motor vehicle operator who carries a personal firearm while in the performance of his or her duties is subject to local or State jurisdiction regarding such matters.

    And here is a very important part of the letter.

    This response has been coordinated with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

    I hope this settles the matter."

    "If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foriegn enemy." -James Madison

  8. In accordance with DOT 173.54 Forbidden Explosives, subparagraph (f) states:(f) A loaded firearm (except as providedin 49 CFR 1544.21949 CFR Pertains to Aviation Personnel and those allowed to Carry on Commerdial Aircraft

  9. 72cinjin,
    I see you have done your research. Excuse my post I will do better researsh.

  10. I'll carry in my truck til they arrest me for it, then I just won't be a trucker. With all the crazy places we end up, it's insanity to go unarmed!

  11. Hi to all. New here but wanted to throw my 2 cents in on it. I drive local for a company here in NC. My bosses have no problem when i carry, which i do ALL the time. They all seem to like the old saying, i'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6!!!

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