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  1. I don't know what a persons's definition of visiting Canada regularly is. My wife works there two weeks a month. I know daily commuters, and I know people who say the annual pilgrimage to Granny's for Canadian Thanksgiving is "regular."

    For those who really go there frequently, you can get a restricted weapons permit that will give you the right to transport a firearm in your trunk:

    Visitors / Non-Residents - Royal Canadian Mounted Police

    Yanks can get a Canadian PAL, but you need to take their course. You can even upgrade it to get a pistol license, but it is no CPL.

    Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course - Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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    Thanks for the info and links Stu,
    By regularly, I mean that we have a seasonal property in Canada and try to spend at least summer weekends there and try to commute from there as often as we can.
    As for the info I was given, I'm not sure if it was ignorance of the law or mis-information.
    We met an off-duty customs officer at a restaurant we frequent and have seen him many times there. We explained that we have CCW permits in the US, and wondered whether there was some way we could bring orur firearms into Canada when commuting. We were told that we could not bring our concealed weapons into Canada, but if we were going hunting or to a competition, we could get a temporary permit.
    As for our handguns, we need complete concealment and pocket carry 95% of the time, so some of them are prohibited based on barrel it's a moot point for those.

    As for transport without a permit, he was very clear that it was a VERY BAD IDEA. That includes the weapon and even transporting ammo will get you more grief than you'd ever want.

    Once again, thanks for the factual info and links. I will be checking out where I can take the safety courses to get prepared for next summer. It will sure beat the 20+ mile round-trip home to put the guns in the safe when we are on business less than a mile from the border crossing.

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