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  1. At no point did i encourage anyone to do what i outlined. I simply outlined how the law works, in order to be detained/arrested you would need PC, an assembled magazine in and of itself is not PC as there is no law against possessing although i would discourage possessing mags that you did not own prior to 2000 because you would have had to break one of the other laws to come into posession. Even if someone were to do that, the burden of proof is on the state, they would have to prove that you broke one of the other laws, and assumption is not proof. Just another example of the highly complicated gun laws here in CA.

    With the rest of your post you are missing the point entirely, yes, all those are illegal with hi cap "magazines". A pile of assembled magazine parts is just that, "PARTS"! The DOJ has taken the stance, in writing, that parts are parts until they are assembled. Everything you cited is in relation to "magazines", and thank you for confirming exactly what i already said in my last post, none of that applies to "Parts", "rebuild kits", disassembled mags" or anything else you want to call them because they are not MAGAZINES. If you still don't understand that then you are reading into something that is not there, nowhere are parts regulated, nowhere!

    To the OP, disassemble your hi-cap mags so they are parts, bring them into the state freely because there is no worry or grey area with that. Any additional information or clarification, I would suggest you take a look at, the calguns foundation is very active over there. They are a legal foundation who fights for the expansion of gun rights in CA, and go to bat for people who have had their rights legitimately illegally infringed upon and they are VERY successful.

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    I would say yes you are screwed.

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