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    I lived in California for 48 years and never carried nor had the need to ever use a SD gun. I can do so now in the PNW but I traveled and worked in some of the worst parts of LA down there and it's really not as bad as people like to make out on a CCW forum. You'll have no problems I'm thinking.

    I drove for a number of years not using a set belt until it became law and I am still alive. I also worked in an e.r. a number of years and saw many hurt or killed because they did not have one on. I have yet to find it necessary to pull my gun in self defence but I might find it necessary to do so before this day is over. The point is you never know when you may need it but if and when the time comes and you do not have it you might just find yourself SOL.
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    Traveling by motorhome from NV to AZ

    I realize this is an older thread but I have a similar question. After the first of the year, we plan on driving to Arizona from Nevada in our motor home. Arizona recognizes our Nevada CCWs, however I'm wondering if Arizona has any specific areas where there are restrictions, such as that blue card one in Las Vegas, or any other type of restrictions by county, city, or any other specific area? We will be in the state for only a few days, mainly in Quartsite (sp?). I've researched online and here on this site and I cannot find an answer to this question. Any/all comments would help. Thx!

  4. I recently travelled from AZ to CA with my family on a camping trip to the Sequoias. Couldn't take gun of course. Left it at home and hoped for the best. As we drove up into the national park our van, towing a camper, began to get hot. It eventually got so hot that we had to pull over. When we attempted to take off again, the transmission wasn't working. We ended up disconnecting the trailer and attempting to make the campground w/o it. We drove another 4 miles and the van totally quit moving.

    So there we were, in the middle of the forest, MILES from town and miles from the camp sites. It was getting dark, our cell phones didn't work there. We had a few people stop by and volunteer to give me a ride. There wasn't room for the whole family, so I would have had either leave the family there by the roadside, or let my wife go and stay behind.

    A ranger did finally come by and gave us a ride to the museum. Where he dumped us off and suggested that we ask strangers to go get our camper for us, with us.

    Other than my knuckles, we were totally defenseless. NOT a good feeling.

    What's this have to do with this subject? I'm going to do my camping someplace OTHER than CALIFORNIA in the future! If someone had of wanted to rob or assult us, or kidnap one of my family, there wouldn't have been much I could have done about it.

    I'll go to Colorado on the next trip, WITH my .45.

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