traveling to Chicago area question.
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Thread: traveling to Chicago area question.

  1. traveling to Chicago area question.

    I will be traveling from Mich to the Chicago area soon. I have a Mich CCW and want to take the gun on the trip. My question is, can I take it in a locked box in the trunk? I will be going through Indiana and would put it in the trunk at the Ill border. Thanks in advance.

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    Best advice is contact the authority on this in Chicago via email. Lay out what u just described. My experience is they will link you to the laws on this topic and explain then out for you a bit. Then save the email on your phone or print it.
    I traveled to Iowa this year and was contacted by a sheriff. I have a Colorado CCW, we do share reciprocity with Iowa. The deputy wasn't convinced. So I showed him a email from the office of the state manager of safety. That prompted him to contact his superiors and I was then sent on my way.

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    By most interpretations (I am not a lawyer, consult a lawyer, etc, etc, etc,) if you are travelling through an area with restrictive gun laws, you're fine. But if you stop in that area, you can run in to trouble.

    Generally, if you're travelling through a restrictive area, you lock everything in the trunk, weapons separate from ammunition, in individually-locked containers, and go straight through the restrictive area. The only stops you should make along the way are for gas and bathroom. (And you should consolidate those two into a single stop.)

  5. I can tell you from experience, if you are in the City limits of Chicago and are in possession of a handgun no matter where the gun is located or what shape it is in, you have committed a Class 3 Felony! Welcome to the most corrupt city in the country in the only state with no "Right to Carry" law!

  6. that is what the Illinois State Police told me when I called and asked them.

  7. Thanks everyone. I guess I'll just have to carry the old Louisville slugger along with me on this trip, you know, who knows when a Baseball game might break out.

  8. I live about 20 miles away from the Chicago border. Since the Supreme court overturn, you can, in fact bring your gun into city limits. I have a brochure from the Chicago PD about how to transport a firearm. Unlike most of the state, you can bring it in, but the firearm, as long as it is in a case, and ammunition is kept seperaretly, you can bring it in. As with any traffic stop, if you are stopped, inform the LEO. Whenever I drive into city limits, I always leave the magazine out (in the glove box) and my semi-auto with the action open. The more steps you take to make the firearm attainable and usable while driving, the better off you are.

  9. Oops! I meant un-attainable!

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    Having lived in the suburbs of Chicago, and worked in the city my advise is DON'T GO!!!!

  11. I'm actually going to be in the St. Charles area but will travel through Chicago.

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