2013 Ford Escape Concealed Storage
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Thread: 2013 Ford Escape Concealed Storage

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    2013 Ford Escape Concealed Storage

    Finally got a new ride. Very pleased to find that in addition to all the usual options for car storage there were two more unexpected.

    The floormat in the back seat on the starboard side looks normal.

    But underneath it is a hidden storage compartment.

    A nice spot for my M9 if I need to leave it in the car.

    Sure, some BGs may know about this and seek it. Chances are that kids/vandals would miss it.

    And....up front the sunglasses holder in the roof is something one would expect sunglasses to be kept in.

    But - it also nicely holds my NAA .22LR with holster handle.

    Not sayin' they're perfect options, but they are nice options to have in addition to all the other vehicle carry options.

  3. Well, they aren't hidden any more are they?

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    Both my Dodge Rams had compartments under the rear seat. I think most pick-ups will have the same. I like the sunglass holder.

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    Jeez Grandpa, it ain't like they're not advertising these features already.....just a nice thing to have that I "might" be able to take a chance on when/if I have to.

    I really like the drop down sunglass holder for the little guy - seems much more convenient than anywhere else in the car I could put it when driving - including one of my own pockets. Was worried it might rattle around up there - but it doesn't.

  6. Ooops sorry there riverkilt. I thought you were showing your hiding places, me bad. And yes, they are good places for stowage.

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