Drive to Alaska options for CC
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Thread: Drive to Alaska options for CC

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    Drive to Alaska options for CC

    If I wanted to drive to Alaska, there aren't a whole lot of options it seems. The issue centers around the fact that handguns are almost, if not entirely, banned in Canada.

    1) Get on a ferry in WA, and take it nearly to Anchorage. Earlier ports may "stop" in AK, but to get around the state from those points appears to require brief excursions into Canadian soil. I haven't looked extensively into the ferry schedule, but I know it doesn't run year-round.

    2) Drive to WA and stop into an FFL dealer to have it shipped to an FFL in AK, then I can drive through Canada and pick it up at the other end. Do the same in reverse on the way back.

    Anyone have experience taking any kind of rifle or shotgun into Canada (legally) and what kind of hassle is involved? Just contemplating a family vacation in a couple years...

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    Drive to Alaska options for CC

    I haven't had any experience with handguns personally. However, my uncle and I are both pilots and I have flown with him to BC several times. He has taken shotguns before and as far as I remember all he did was declare that he was bringing it when he called ahead to have a customs agent meet us at the airport. Don't remember that much of a hassle or long guns. That said, that was probably 10 years ago so don't quote me.

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    I would check out the Mounties website. Firearm Users Visiting Canada - Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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    Thanks for that. Lots of info for me to wade through. Anyone have any experience trying to get an Authorization To Transport (ATT) for their handgun? I'd much rather have my handgun with me (even if it has to be empty, disassembled, out of reach, in a lock box, etc) than have to ship it via FFL. I've only ever "heard" that it is very difficult to obtain, but no stories from those who have tried and been denied and what reasons they were given for the denial (if any).

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    I hope to be RV'ing soon and would like to know if Canada needs to be avoided at all costs.

    Thanks for the link Iceman

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    Ugh. Handguns with a barrel length of 105mm (4.13 inches) or LESS are on the prohibited list. Longer than that is on the "restricted" list (i.e. possible with the right paperwork). My XD-45 and my wife's SR-9 have ~101.5mm barrel lengths, and thus fall under the "prohibited" category.

    I see they specified the barrel length just right to ensure that most standard handguns would not be allowed. Now if I had a threaded barrel, that would extend the barrel length enough to meet the requirement.... :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by webbch View Post
    2) Drive to WA and stop into an FFL dealer to have it shipped to an FFL in AK, then I can drive through Canada and pick it up at the other end. Do the same in reverse on the way back.
    Are you a resident of Alaska? FFLs can only transfer handguns to residents of the same state they are licensed in. An Alaska FFL can only transfer handguns to residents of Alaska. If you are not a resident of Alaska, the only option the Alaska FFL would have would be to ship the gun back to an FFL in your state of residence for transfer back to you. I would be curious who told you FFL to FFL was an option?
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    Good point. I guess I just figured that sending it to yourself would be allowed...and that going through an FFL would be "safe". Looks like I need to dig a little deeper still.

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    Times have changed. I hitched to Alaska from Rochester, NY in 1975. One of my rides was a couple with handguns that were sealed in thick clear platic bags by the Canadian border agents when they had crossed into Canada.

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    By the way - just thought I'd do a check - found this:

    A restricted firearm may be brought into Canada, but an Authorization to Transport (ATT) permit must be obtained in advance from a Provincial or Territorial Chief Firearms Officer. The ATT will not be issued for hunting or self-protection purposes.

    Embassy of the United States - Ottawa

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