Concleald carry on a train (Amtrack)
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Thread: Concleald carry on a train (Amtrack)

  1. Concleald carry on a train (Amtrack)

    The wife and I want to take a passenger train around the USA, just to see things at ground level?

    My question is "Are there restrictions for bringing my handgun with me?" If my gun can't go then neither will I!!!!


  3. In checked baggage, same as airline.

    " Firearms in Checked Baggage

    Effective December 15, 2010, Amtrak will accept reservations of firearms and ammunition for carriage between Amtrak stations and on Amtrak trains within the United States that offer checked baggage service. Thruway Bus Services will not be included in this service change. The following policies are in effect:Notification that the passenger will be checking firearms/ammunition must be made no later than 24 hours before train departure by calling Amtrak at 800-USA-RAIL. Online reservations for firearms/ammunition are not accepted.The passengers must travel on the same train that is transporting the checked firearms and/or ammunition.All firearms and/or ammunition must be checked at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled train departure. Some larger stations require that baggage be checked earlier. Please contact your departure station for more details.All firearms (rifles, shotguns, handguns, starter pistols) must be unloaded and in an approved, locked hard-sided container not exceeding 62" L x 17" W x 7" D (1575 mm x 432 mm x 178 mm). The passenger must have sole possession of the key or the combination for the lock to the container. The weight of the container may not exceed 50 lb/23 kg.Smaller locked, hard-sided containers containing smaller unloaded firearms such as handguns and starter pistols must be securely stored within a suitcase or other item of checked baggage, but the existence of such a firearm must be declared.All ammunition carried must be securely packed in the original manufacturer's container; in fiber, wood, or metal boxes; or in other packaging specifically designed to carry small amounts of ammunition. The maximum weight of all ammunition and containers may not exceed 11 lb/5 kg.The passenger is responsible for knowing and following all federal, state, and local firearm laws at all jurisdictions to and through which he or she will be travelling.All other Amtrak checked baggage policies apply, including limits on the number of pieces of checked baggage, the maximum weight of each piece (50 lb/23 kg).Firearms/ammunition may not be carried in carry-on baggage; therefore, checked baggage must be available on all trains and at all stations in the passenger's itinerary.At the time of check-in, passengers will be required to complete and sign a two-part Declaration Form.BB guns and Compressed Air Guns (to include paintball markers), are to be treated as firearms and must comply with the above firearms policy. Canisters, tanks, or other devices containing propellants must be emptied prior to checking and securely packaged within the contents of the passenger's luggage.Passengers failing to meet the above-mentioned requirements for checking firearms will be denied transportation.Passengers wanting to inquire about or begin the firearms reservation process should use the*Contact Us*page to select "Checked Firearms Program" as the subject and follow guidance."

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    Concleald carry on a train (Amtrack)

    In short, no you can't carry on the train, yes, you can bring it with you to carry in your destination states (as long as you have permits covering said states.)

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    There must be baggage handling at both ends of the trip.
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    amtrak severely restricts the transport of weapons on their trains, be careful.

  7. if anyone could possibly detect your ccw, it's a poor choice of gun, rig and location of wear, period. Most guy's choices won't pass that test.

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    Are they afraid someone will attack a New York building with a train?
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