Glocks are good. Anyway, I've flown a few times with a handgun. It does take a little longer, and you can't use the Skycap when you do. Just be careful of where you're going. Make sure your going to a gun friendly State. Don't go to places like New York with a handgun. They don't honor any other State permit. I read a story that a College president from Wisconsin flew with his handgun to NYC. When he went there (On Delta I think too.) no one said anything about bringing his gun to New York. However, since New York doesn't honor Wisconsin permits, he then became illegal for him to have the gun in NY. When he went to return to Wisconsin, he declared his handgun to the ticket agent. The ticket agent, instead of just doing her job and checking in the gun as was done on the way there, decided to notify the Police. The Police came and arrested the man. He spent the next night in jail. He had to get a lawyer and had a lot of time and money to get cleared of those gun charges. So watch out for where you go. Also, be aware that if your flight gets diverted from a gun friendly State, say such as Pennsylvania, to a unfriendly State , say like New Jersey, be aware that you may be breaking the law if you retrieve your luggage. Also New Jersey doesn't allow hollow point ammunition. Also, when traveling to another State, always make sure you know their concealed carry laws. Remember you always abide by the laws of the State your in, not the State your permit is issued from.