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    We Just flew United Airlines from Chicago/ Ohare to Sarasota airport. I was traveling with two hand guns. They had to be in separate locked, hard cases, and the process we way easier than I thought, and I did not know that you can travel with up to 11 lbs. of ammo. All, obviously, had to be in my checked luggage, but not a single problem. They barely looked in my bag, and I am sure that the scanner they put my bag through did a sufficient job. I have a Florida conceal/carry permit, which I really didn`t have to show. All in all, a good first gun traveling experience. Hankthethird

  3. is this a typical experience in this situation, or did Hankthethird get extremely lucky in his particular instance? With the anti-gun activists in a feeding frenzy, I have chosen not to travel with my firearms to prevent an uncomfortable scenario.

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