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  1. I was just informing the lack of knowledge from the LEOs

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    Quote Originally Posted by apvbguy View Post
    you can stop right there, a cop is the last place to find reliable and accurate legal info. cops arrest and or shake people down that is all they know.
    if you want legal advice consult an attorney, or do a little research

    here the FOPA laws are laid out
    Firearm Owners Protection Act - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    this is the IL info
    In part you are correct. But you are also wrong because the Chicago and C(r)ook County LEOs do not recognize FOPA or their own state laws! Their whole intent is to harass anyone with a gun. Even people who have an IL issued permit and people who are abiding according to the State of IL law. There are other states who also do this. Such as NY and many other lib controlled states.

    Granted FOPA does over ride any states so called "ban on all guns" but most people do not have the time nor the money to fight them. I know I would AVOID C(r)ook County like the plague!

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    Traveling Where?

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    Illinois law allows a non-resident more freedom than FOPA. If you are allowed to carry in your home state, you can conceal carry in your car in your car. If overnighting here, unload it and store your firearm in a case within your locked car, or in a locked case in your car. You may also transport it into your hotel room if done unloaded and in a case.

    This is all spelled out in 430 ILCS 66/40 (concealed carry in a car by non-residents) and in 430 ILCS 65 (Firearm Owner's Identification).

    I live in Illinois as a non-resident (active military, therefore not eligible for an IL carry license); I follow these rules and have never had a problem. And I haven't heard of ANYONE having problems in Cook County either under these new provisions.

  6. Non residents are able to obtain an Illinois carry permit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goondan9 View Post
    Non residents are able to obtain an Illinois carry permit

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    Only if they are residents of HI, NM, SC, or VA and have a license from their home state... and go through 16 hours of training... and pay their $300 application fee... and submit a notarized affidavit.

    Yep. Non-residents? Got ya covered.

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    I might also add that as of 19 Aug only 2 non-resident CCLs have been issued.

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