traveling in a convertible.
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Thread: traveling in a convertible.

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    traveling in a convertible.

    I usually drive with my gun in either the door pocket or on my hip. My question is, while driving with the top down if my gun becomes visible (ie.. I move my leg, or my shirt rises up) is that considered brandishing? I live in N.Y. and sometimes I travel into P.A., ..

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    If the door pocket is closed it can't be seen. If it's concealed on your hip it can't be seen. If there's any concern just put it in the glove box. I can't imagine LE in Liberty giving you a problem though. They're pretty good when it comes to CCW.

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    thanks, the door pocket isn't covered, and sometimes my shirt rides up from the seatbelt. I never drive with my gun in the glovebox because if I ever need it i'll never be able to reach it in time, no point in having it if you can't reach

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