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Thread: difference between ccw laws

  1. The 2nd has been already been restricted to a big extent. What would be the harm in a federal law saying if you can carry concealed in one state you can do it in all 50? That way a person in Pa that just has to fill out the paperwork and pass a background check and they can conceal in every state even ones with ridiculous requirements. It's not putting a restriction on concealing a gun but expanding your right to every state.

  3. Potential harm from a federal CC law

    First, I want to say that I'm torn on the idea of a Federal CC law.
    The harm is the potential risk that we set another precedent for Federal regulation of guns. It is a judicial and political pipe-dream that we will ever reach the state of no regulation whatsoever. There will be regulation; it's just a question of how much and by whom.
    We see how ridiculous our current system of differing State laws and bilateral reciprocity is. But remember, we got to this glorious state by convincing one legislature at a time to see things our way.
    We are in a mostly favorable situation today where the Federal law is mostly targeted at interstate commerce; at least, this is so apart from the NFA, NICS and the basic prohibited-persons criteria. Suppose we could confine the Feds to these areas of regulation; and, eventually, improve these regulations. We could hold the gun-controllers to this ground by insisting that the how-to-carry is a State "police power". This is strong Constitutional ground to stand on.
    The gun-controllers wouldn't stop; they would have to fight us in each of the 50 State legislators. Every State they took away from us would be our warning sign to redouble our efforts to defend the remaining States and fight back on the States we lost. It would be impossible for the gun-controllers to win the war. The war would not be lost until the last "red" State turned "blue". This is where we want them. Fighting for every inch of ground State-by-State.
    Once the gun-controllers establish that the Feds can tell us how to carry nation-wide then all they have to do is achieve a majority in the House, a majority in the Senate and the President and they own all 50 States. Have you ever heard the expression "the best Congressman money can buy"? How many legislators has Bloomberg bought?
    So, that's the argument against a Federal carry law. Great tactic; dubious strategy.
    Drake is being considered before SCOTUS again; and it may be pending for several more weeks. If SCOTUS snubs us, then our only recourse might be to go to Congress. In that scenario, I think that a Federal carry law may be a bad idea whose time has come.
    Ultimately, we have to understand that nothing in politics is simple. The Progressives in general have been playing the politics game very successfully for a century; we have not. We have been minding hearth, home and plough. To win, we need to learn the rules-of-the-game and play them as aggressively as the Progressives.

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    How about we take all the oath breakers in congress, all the SCOTUS tools who voted to give themselves more power, any member of any level of any elected position that feels they are above the Constitution and drag them, kicking and screaming to the gallows?!
    Just a thought....

    Sent from behind Enemy Lines.

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    Tenth Amendment

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    Having a national concealed carry law would certainly be more efficient than having 50 separate state laws with their own differences and predjudices built in to theit local "norm". BUT that first makes the assumption that there SHOULD be a concealed carry law in the first place and secondly makes the assumption that a national concealed carry law wouldn't automatically be a GUN REGISTRATION law, also. On the first assumption, concealed carry is a compromise with the second amendment in our constitution so that the populace wouldn't have a panic attack seeing someone visibly carrying a weapon as the liberals have trained them to respond to such a display. Out of sight, out of mind; as it is. As to the second assumption, surely anyone could see that the current regime would be highly inclined to make ANY national list of gun owners (under the guise of said "national concealed carry license") into a GUN REGISTRATION list in preparation for confiiscating ALL weapons to make the nation "safer" so they could carry out ANY nefarious scheme without fear of significant resistance. All in all, I'm thinking that the chaos of 50 separate and distinct concealed carry "laws" (assuming that some uber-liberal states get on the program) is a far better option that surrendering to an all inclusive FEDERAL option, given the highly corrupt status of our current regime. If someone has to charge fees and taxes for the right to bear arms, it's far better that the taxman be as local as possible rather than the already too powerful federal official.

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    difference between ccw laws

    Quote Originally Posted by coconuisse View Post
    On the first assumption, concealed carry is a compromise with the second amendment in our constitution so that the populace wouldn't have a panic attack seeing someone visibly carrying a weapon as the liberals have trained them to respond to such a display. Out of sight, out of mind; as it is.
    A couple if things to point out....
    The Guberment has no authority over me. Those duchebags work for me (us).
    As far as a "National CCW", I say screw that! I will not allow those jokers in DC the decision on how to implement it!
    Secondly, what would happen to states like mine (Vermont) that do not require a permit for open or concealed carry?!
    Do you think I would just "happily" go along with a permit system, AKA, further restriction, on a Right that the Guberment has zero authority over?!?
    Y'all need to wake the hell up and instead of pushing for a "National Right to Carry", you SHOULD be pushing for a carry system like Vermont's! At the very least!
    Out of sight, out of mind? Yeah, that seems to work real good at quelling the masses!
    Bull crap!
    I carry openly, ever damn day and ya know what?
    Guess what?! I don't give a S H I T even if they do care!
    Hey.. If you want to give up your rights, that's your choice. Just don't expect me to give up mine!

    Sent from behind Enemy Lines.

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