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  1. Carry in other states

    Currently new cdl driver will be traveling to other states I know my reciprocation laws but is it true you can carry in a commercial vehicle as long as the company you work for approves

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    Carry in other states

    Yes its true. You can carry as long as all laws are civered.

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    If you have a company that allows you to carry in their trucks your lucky 95 o/o do not allow it because of their insurance carriers

  5. Driving Commercially, in a CMV, it is against Federal Law to Carry any firearm, UNLESS you have a Federal Firearms permit and have a NEED to do so; ie security for the load you are carrying, usually a Federal load anyway. So, my advice is to leave your firearm at home, or you risk imprisonment. I have my CDL and my CPL and have asked this question about 20 yrs ago. As far as I know, the rules have not changed. If you will be running all 48 and Canada, you would have a problem as Canada does not allow Pistols to be owned by citizens unless they are active military, or some kind of law enforcement. Your semi-auto rifle is also taboo in Canada. Read part 395 of the CMV rules and Regs to see for yourself, at least about the US side of things.

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