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  1. Traveling with firearm question

    I dont have cwp and am traveling from South Carolina to Colorado. I know in SC I can conceal it in glovebox but my question is can I keep it in glovebox across states I will be traveling thru?

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    You need to follow the laws of each state that you travel through.

    Read for transporting an unloaded firearm across states using the federal Firearm Owners' Protection Act (FOPA).

    Read the firearms laws of each state that you travel through and of your destination at to find any legal options for transporting or carrying a loaded firearm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oh Shoot View Post
    can I keep it in glovebox across states I will be traveling thru?
    Probably not.
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  5. No license to carry, all those states, loaded gun, in a glove box. No.

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    Legally, NO! Illegally, YES!

    Get your permit!

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    I'd map out my route, then do a little research on the internet, and make a list of requirements state by state.

    Example, if you come north to catch I40, without a permit, in NC the gun must be visible (front seat, dashboard) because OC is legal, or secured out of reach from driver and passengers, locked glove box, in trunk, or all the way in the back of an SUV.
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