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Thread: transporting from Virginia to Rhode Island

  1. transporting from Virginia to Rhode Island

    I am active duty military and will be restationed from Virginia to Rhode Island within the next few months. I plan on driving through those states to get there and have a handgun with me which I purchased in Virginia during my time here, which came with two 15 round magazines and I know some states I will pass through have issues with these 'evil' magazines, though Rhode Island doesn't. Am I legally permitted to transport these magazines through all those states, provided my only stops are incidental, such as hotel/gas station?

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    You are subject to the laws of the jurisdiction you are in. There is also 18 U.S. Code 926A - Interstate transportation of firearms. It's complicated. Here are some resources for you:
    NRA-ILA | Guide To The Interstate Transportation Of Firearms

    Consult a lawyer.

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    Currently, the Firearms Owners Protection Act (FOPA - 18 USC 926A) has only been upheld in Federal courts to cover the firearm itself - not magazines. If I were going to transport such magazines through the states in question, what I would do is have the unloaded gun in a locked case by itself and stash the empty magazines in luggage containing my clothes/etc and if stopped by LEO for some reason offer no information at all regarding firearms/ammunition/magazines. Would it be legal? No. But that is the chance I would take - if I really felt I needed to take the magazines with me.
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    Over 10rds is illegal to posses in many of those states. RI has no mag ban now that I know of but I'd get some 10rd's if I were you. I know their trying to pass a mag ban as we speak

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