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Thread: Nevada Firearm Jurisdiction for Contact

  1. Nevada Firearm Jurisdiction for Contact

    Who has jurisdiction of firearms in Nevada? I will be traveling there and plan on doing some shooting with friends. I have no plans to carry (my states CCW is not reciprocal with NV) while there. I transport my firearm in a locked case to and from range and where I'm staying. I know NV is pretty lax regarding firearm laws, but I want to get an okay from an official in state that I am not breaking any laws. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

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    Well, the State of Nevada would have jurisdiction in the State of Nevada. How about you inform yourself about the laws of the states to travel through and to? You, and only you, are responsible for your own actions. You certainly can check with the Sheriff's Office of the county you are visiting, but be advised that law enforcement officers often do not know the law and may give you wrong advice. Incompetence on their part and ignorance on your part does not protect you from prosecution. Here are some resources:

  4. Nevada is a gun friendly State. Same rules apply as everywhere else. You can open carry in most places depending on where your going. No Banks, Casinos, bats or State/Federa) Buildings

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