Driving from Pennsylvania to Florida.
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Thread: Driving from Pennsylvania to Florida.

  1. Driving from Pennsylvania to Florida.

    Hello, I'm new to this. I'm driving from Pennsylvania to Florida next week. I have a concealed carry permit from Pennsylvania. I would like to carry while in Florida. I know that Maryland and South Carolina do not accept Pennsylvania's permits.
    How do I transport thru these states and all the others plus can I carry concealed in Florida?

    Thank you for the information on Fl., N.C., and S.C.

    I would like if someone could help me on the question if I can transport thru Maryland?
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    SC, in a closed glove compartment, console or luggage area.

    NC, honors your permit, but is a 'must notify' state, meaning if stopped you must notify the LEO you are armed.

    FL, you can carry in Florida, and you must follow FL laws regarding concealed carry.
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  4. I will be driving next week from New York to Florida & have NY, Utah,& Florida permits driving thru PA, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia & into Florida. Am I good with carrying thru these states? I am possibly stopping in Kentucky or Tennessee for a overnight stop.

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