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    I had a can of mace taken a couple of years ago. If I ever travel there again, I'll leave my handgun with the border town sheriff and pick it back up when I cross back into the US.
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    Talking Canada Gun Laws

    Several years ago, I was stationed in Alaska. We took the ferry from Seattle to Haines, AK. Traveling from Haines, we went into the Yukon Territory. At the frontier, I had to show all of my weapons to the border guard. At the time, I had a pistol and several rifles and shotguns. The guard sealed the pistol in a bag and told me not to unseal it until I reached Alaska. No problem with the other weapons. My CB radio license was of more concern than my weapons. Go figure.

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    It's comforting to know there will never be any handgun crime in Canada.
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    Yea, I don't know what is up with Canada and their gun laws, but they sure do suck.

  6. Canada Gun Laws

    Well I'm glad I read your comments planning on going back to Canada next year I was able to leave gun in motel room 2 years ago in buffalo ,NY.

  7. Is there any place you can store your handgun on the US side of the Canadian border, and pick it back up when you return to the US?

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