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Thread: Are there any Premitted Motorcyclist out there???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piscator View Post
    Just got my California ccw and have wondered a bit about how I'll carry and ride. I've read through this whole thread and haven't seen my #1 concern even mentioned - and that is this: if carrying in any type of holster or pocket do any of you consider what damage would be done to your body if you fell on the weapon? Ouch! I've experienced cracked ribs before and don't care for a repeat. Yeah, I'd like to think my crashing days are all behind me...
    Yes, I have thought about this as my prefered carry position is right hip owb holster, i know it would hurt but I still prefer to keep it there

  3. Where to carry Concealed

    I have carried in my belt in a shoulder holster etc...but have found the best and easiest to carry is in a small tank bag, which when left partially open gives me quick and easy access, and if I go down I am not really worried avout where my gun is, just where I land...Ricky

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    1. There are less than 90,000 GWRRA members.
    2. I ride a GW Trike and carry open most of the time with a paddle holster and concealed when the weather dictates. I don't worry about crashing and falling on my weapon since a trike is inherently more stable than a two-wheeler. Yes, I have crashed on my trike but did not have a CCW at the time.
    3. I was really hoping for some Carrying info and not reading about different motorcycles and motorcycle bashing. Leave that on the MC Boards.
    4. New member, so be gentle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HootmonSccy View Post
    I am a motorcyclist and will soon have my Conceal permit..
    Any advice on carrying while on the bike?
    Traveling through other states.. (You know we don't have "Consoles, glove compartment, and trunks")
    I know how to look up laws in other states, but sometimes I'm a little confused as to how it applies to a motorcyclist.

    When I travel any real distance I have a tank bag with me and saddlebags (Non-locking)
    I intend to IWB most of the time, but is there any issue with this on the bike??

    I'm interested in everyone's opinion on this..
    Well, I don't carry while riding unless it's actually going somewhere... I ride every weekend through the mts here on my sport bike in one-piece leathers, so a gun isn't needed. But, when I do travel long distances I'll take my cruiser and wear two-piece textile and keep the pistol in one of the saddle bags. I suppose if I wanted to travel on my sport bike I'd get a tank bag and keep it in there. When I were to depart the bike I generally carry the pistol with me in my right pant pocket. It's easy b/c I carry a TCP.
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    Just checked in...I ride a 2008 Harley Ultra Classic and carry most every ride.Usually carry on my hip or inside the vest if its warm.If I'm in an unfriendly state it gets locked in the box..I'm pushing for HR 822 to pass and we can clear up all this BS.
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    My wife and I both ride and carry 99% of the time. We usually carry a subcompact in front pocket holster or there are wallet type holsters available. As for security, there are small "travel" safes with cable tethers which can be attached to the bike and concealed in a saddlebag (locking or non-locking). I don't think a 'cannon' is absolutely necessary for every situation and the subcompacts are a good choice while riding and concealment options are limited. The whole point is you have something that goes BANG if you need it.

    As for travel into other states, you should check with each state's law enforcement (state police) to find out how to properly secure your weapons to comply if you don't have reciprocity. Otherwise, a portable, tethered travel safe would be the best bet.
    I happen to live in NY state with few reciprocal states, so we'll be applying for a FLA and/or Utah non-resident so we can travel more freely between states. I believe the chances of congress passing federal reciprocity is a little worse than winning winning the lottery or being struck by lightning.

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    For those of use without a trunk on our bikes, how about this for a viable option? ;o)

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    My bike has non-locking saddlebags while my wife's have locks, but they are so small and light duty that they only keep honest people out. For those without a locking compartment, there are small locking safes with a cable tether which can be attached to the bike. We found and use nanovault, but there are others that are similar and inexpensive. While they aren't maximum security, they offer protection from the snatch and grab types. Tools would be required to break in, either to cut the cable or to pry the case open....but either way, it'll take some time and effort.

  10. My 642 fits under the locking seat, the XD doesn't.


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    There are a lot of manufacturers out there who make custom jackets, vests, and jeans, etc. for concealed carry purposes. SigTac, NRA, Pops Leathers, are a few that come to mind. As another consideration you might want to make sure you have a thumbsnap style holster in case you go down, spent a few hours walking and re-walking a minor injury crash where the rider lost his sidearm as he was skidding down the road becasue he only had a open top, inside the waistband holster. Didn't find it that night, found it the next day by pure luck!

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