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Thread: Are there any Premitted Motorcyclist out there???

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    I carry in a generic shoulder holster under my vest. I have had no problems with it at all. I do have a locking tour pack but only put the pistol in iy if I am entering an area that does not allow my weapon such as a restaurant that serves alcohol. I would have a problem leaving it in a saddle bag that does not lock becasue someone may see me storing it. I try to keep the bike in sight when inside. Eise safe.

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    OK... This started well I think.

    As someone who rides a Harley and has saddlebags, trunk, and glove boxes (all locking) I still feel your pain as I haven't always had them. It's tough. I don't feel good about leaving my gun on my bike even if it's locked. (I can't carry in restaurants that serve booze in NM) Some states will be OK with a lock box in a saddlebag for the gun and the ammo in a separate saddlebag. But are you comfortable walking away from that? Probably not. Your choice. I've seen some tank bags that pull off and convert to fanny packs. Personally I like to keep the gun on me and I either carry IWB or in a Saber Gear thigh pack.

    As for motorcycle laws, I've not seen a state that makes a difference between motorcycles and cars. They (laws) apply equally to both. IMHO Take the time to get to know them for each state. Contact the states if you have questions. I think FL is pretty good about carrying but you live on the east coast and are surrounded by many different states and attitudes toward guns. Just avoid NJ and NY if you can. Mass too. I'm spoiled out here in the west. I can carry all the way to Strugis and back.

    Stay safe and keep the shiny side up!
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  4. Carrying concealed on a motorcycle

    I know everyone has their own opinions on this. I usually don't give one but this is a subject I've dealt with on a frequent basis. I know in my own state (which I can't get a permit to carry unless I can prove I'm already dead!) They have their own rules about transporting a weapon.So to make it easy every else I carry, I do it the same. I ride an Ultra Classic HD I put my weapon in a locked soft case in my tour pack and my ammo out of the mag in another saddle bag locked. The ammo in my state has to be seperated from the mag in alot of other states this is not required. I do load my mags in states that don't have that requirement.Like I said to make it easier for me thats how I carry my weapons travelling from or into a state I am not permitted in.The reason I put my weapon in a soft case is - if I have to get to it in an emergency it would give me a slight edge to cut the soft bag open with a knife and load up. As far as carring the weapon that would also depend on what your attire is. A shoulder rig is a good choice as well as a hip holster.It's just a matter of what you wear and how concealable you want to be.Good luck in some of our "Great States" it doesn't matter what the laws or rules are it just matters if the Cop's wife gave him a hard time before he went to work! So as to be fair that sarcastic remark was not to be directed to ALL cops - but you know who you are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by navy32man View Post
    The Cross Breed holster works great when riding. You don't even know it's there. It's the most comfortable holster I have ever owned.
    I Just got my Cross Breed in the mail Friday and I agree it is fantastic. I carry a Glock G-21, not the easiest to conceal. It does a great job of concealing this large auto.

  6. Southern States are no problem. It's when you get north one must be careful. Also, I don't draw attention to myself with loud pipes and rude behavior. Ride safe.

  7. I am really interested in your thoughts about crossing state lines into those non-ccw states. I am in Arizona where CCW and open carry is common. I want to visit Canada, but they have NO GUNS as their mantra. I was wondering how do i deal with that. My first thought was to leave my gun in Detroit somewhere. Does anyone know if there are gun shops that willl store guns.

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    States differ

    Luckily living in TN almost all the states within a days ride, two if you don't head northeast, honor my permit. I usually check for updates in the states I'm heading to before going on a long ride. When I went to Ohio last summer it was hot so I just open carried on my hip. You can open Carry in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio.

    When I head to SC or FL I have to carry concealed though. I have a vest from the Sportsman's Guide for $60 that has a holster and mag pouches sewn inside. It's comfortable and can handle a small to mid-size auto. My 9mm High-point is about the biggest and heaviest gun I would carry in it though. My new Millennium Pro rides better.

    Although my Connie has bags and a trunk I would hate to leave a weapon locked inside as it's not much good if you need it.

  9. Ccw

    I live in AZ. and carry a Kel-Tec 9mm or a 40 S&W all the time , I even refrain from going into the country of California just because I can't carry there. I will be getting my NV and Utah permit soon.That will give me a permit at 80% of the USA.
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    Thumbs up

    I don't have a problem in and around NC. I carry a G36 IWB daily, throttle hand at 3:30/4:00 o'clock position. Thanks to all who have posted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NRA UR2 View Post
    There are 150,000 GWRRA members who will take exception to your stupid remark about motorcycles not having trunks. They have a trunk, two saddle bags that lock, two front compartments, one of which locks and compartments for extra storage under the side speakers. ON second thought maybe you'd better leave your gun at home. I think we'd all be alot safer.
    This post is way out of line. Read the rule of the site before you post again.

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