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Thread: Are there any Premitted Motorcyclist out there???

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    I ride as often as possible. The wind often blows your shirt up enough to reveal your firearm. People have a tendency to get nervous when they see you with a firearm on a bike. I suggest a belly band or a pistol pete vest or jacket. I wear the vest in summer and the jacket during the winter months. Each has a zippered compartment to concear your firearm from view. It also distributes the weaght and makes it more comfortable. Ride Safe


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    I ride with a back pack all the time ( my RR has no bags or space under the seat what so ever) so if I need to carry anything it goes into the camel pack....If and when I get my permit I'll probably just keep it in the pack, it's not like I can shoot it while I ride anyway,

    BTW what do you guys ride???

    I have a 2007 honda CBR RR

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    2005 Harley Ultra Classic

  5. I can't argue with any of the comments made, not even the one's about the "wing" riders....I ride a FLHTCUI <grin>. So anyway, I ride with a variety of applications and one of my favorites is my KelTec .380 with CorBon Hollow Points on a clip IWB. Honestly, I forget I have it on at times as it's that comfortable. As the saying goes, what good is a gun if it's at home in the drawer. I've never had to draw it and hope to never have to either. It doesn't have the knock down power of larger guns I have carried but it does give me peace of mind as I'm a very accomplished shot; no brag, just fact. That and the fact I try to not put myself in situations where it might be needed; i.e. be aware of your surroundings. It's OK to roll on down the street or go around the block - life is good.

  6. Im going from Mi. to Tn. on my scooter in a week, I looked at the map and it looks as though all states in my way recognize my CCW...BUT can I carry going through them all? Or should I lock it up to be safe, even though that makes me un-easy

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    All good suggestions, but I would go with the fanny pack. Secure the pack in the side bags, tour pack, or back pack. When you stop for gas or food, just throw the fanny pack on. I wouldn't want to be taking the gun out to put IWB where others may see me doing it.
    Also if wearing it while riding, I would be afraid of losing it. That's why wallets have chains on them!!


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    I carry on my bike all the time. I carry a SIG 229 .40, or an HK USP .45 full size, IWB with a Kholster and it never shows...It is also very comfortable...

  9. Ricky1944

    I take a lot of back roads and end up in some strange places, (GPS is funny that way) I have been carrying an over under derringer which I can place in the pocket of my leathers or even a vest jacket...never had to use it, hope I never do, but feel a lot better when the GPS sends me to strange places...good riding

  10. Bike trip

    Just got back from my run to the dragons tail in TN. from MI. Un-eventfull trip, had a great time. Carried in a pocket holster in my vest most of the time. I carry a Kel Tec P3AT, very small and light. Thanks to all for the info...Later
    Better to be judged by 12 then carried by 6

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Vegas View Post

    BTW what do you guys ride???

    I have a 2007 honda CBR RR
    '94 Honda Magna..

    Gulf Coast, Floriduh
    Sccy is the limit

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