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    Seattle experience

    I was in the Seattle/Tacoma area last weekend. No issues with my checked baggage with declared unloaded firearms with TSA. They inspect it while you watch.

    Unfortunately on the way back to the airport, I was rear ended in Tukwila WA (small incorporated town directly north of Seatac) about 10 minutes or so from the airport.

    I presented the responding officer with my Utah CFP, NV CDL and my rental car agreement. He was very professional. The reporting officer had me out of there in 20 minutes in time to have a late lunch with some air travel anesthesia and make my flight home to Vegas.

    SWA did misplace my other checked bag without my firearms. I have put their customer service on notice that my other bag had declared firearms. That bag was delivered to me FedEx last Tuesday.
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    That's a positive and encouraging report for sure.

    That's good to hear the LEO was professional, and that SWA got your bag to you, even if belated.
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