Traveling with a rifle on a motorcycle
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Thread: Traveling with a rifle on a motorcycle

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    Traveling with a rifle on a motorcycle

    This isn't about legal issues, but rather a practical question -- What's the best way to carry my rifle when riding on a motorcycle?

    I'm in Oregon, and there's no issues with concealed/open carry.

    I'm considering taking an old backpack, cutting a slot in the bottom, and putting my soft-sided rifle case thru it, with bungee/elastic straps to hold things in place, but this seems kinda hokey.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks --UD


  3. Wal-Mart, Grander Mtn sells hard plastic cases that mount to your handle bars that will hold your rifle secure.

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    I carry my shotgun in a soft case with it slung across my back on my bike quite often. I do prefer a soft take-down case for size. There are scabbards made for motorcycles with attaching hardware, although those i have found are pricey.
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    Remove the barrel and you have a whole world of opportunities for carrying on a motorcycle. I knew of a guy we used to go camping/hunting with and he kept it in the saddlebag.
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    Watch July 25 episode of American Guns
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    Check Kolpin outdoor products...won't add a link here since they are not a site supporter that I am aware of, but if you do buy through them, be sure and let them know this is where you heard about them...maybe they will become a supporter.

  8. I had a koplin case on my BMW years ago. I took off the right hand saddle bag and mounted it there. I have also just slung them over my shoulder.

  9. Very funny. You ride on motorcycle and want to carry your rifles. What a wonderful experienced. I think your way is right to carry on like hokey.

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    I'm sorry I did not see exactly what type of rifle you were talking about, but if your talking your standard hunting rifle Win, Rem, or whatever, a good secure case bolted to a safe location on the bike. or you can sling it on your back, if a AR style take it apart and put it in a backpack, or course you can sling it also, as you say there may be no legal issues but if you were to crash with a rifle slung on your back you could be hurt, like maybe getting stabbed by the rifle, which would be bad, it would tear you up worse than if you did not have the rifle on your back......... and you could cause damage to the rifle
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