A debate that involves SBS
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  1. A debate that involves SBS

    Okay I just want to start off with saying neither one of us are going to do it but a friend and I got into a debate and I dunno how we even came to the question but you know how you can transport firearms in a vehicle aslong as its not loaded and far out of reach an whatnot...

    Say your transporting a SBS (short barrel shotgun) and SHTF..

    Would you get in a lot of crap if you were to use it to kill that person that's trying to kill you?

    Now I'm just starting off with this since I have a series of questions that involves this but I want to get some answers first before I starting adding some twists...

  2. If TSHF I would TCB! Rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6! IMHO.

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    Self defense is legal no matter the method used. Are you saying the shotty is illegal (too short), or something else? I think you could get in trouble for the illegal weapon, but not the killing. IMO.
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    Are you in a state that allows NFA registered weapons? I routinely carry a legal SBR in the truck when going out of town.

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    as long as you have the required BATFE paperwork(taxstamp) and your state allows it....

  6. Remember if you are traveling out of State, you need to inform Big Brother of your plans and confirm the hardware is legal in the State(s) of travel. Otherwise, its a firearm.

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    shtf means that there AINT any laws any more, so why would you worry about such a thing?

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    If you found yourself in a self-defense situation and you were able to get your BATFE registered SBS out of the trunk and load some shells into it and still have enough time to defend yourself, then your shooting would be legal as long as there was nothing else you could do but defend yourself with that SBS.

    However, if you were in a state at the time that did not recognize your SBS as being legal in their state, you would most likely be charged with illegal possession of an illegal firearm and have it confiscated.

    What exactly are you trying to "plan out" with this question? In other words, how are YOU defining SHTF?
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  9. You have to be extremely careful and look closely at the NFA requirements some NFA items are allowed to travel from state to state without a special firm issued for traveling with an NFA item. If I remember correctly it's a ATF form 20 that must be in possession while traveling with the item. Best to err on the side of caution.

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