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Thread: Utah Governor for Concealed Carry Permits but not Constitutional Carry

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    Stringent licensing and registration systems, along with a complete ban on carry of any kind, don't seem to have done much for crime in Chicago.

    Personally, I see enough stupidity by the general public, that I sometimes wish we had licensing to have kids, much less have guns. But at the same time, if we're not going to practice eugenics, then we have to rely on law abiding people to obey the law - and expect criminals to disobey it regardless of how strict the laws are.

    As long as we have concealed carry licenses, I will always vote for/support making them more open (reciprocity, for example,) or even move to a single federal standard, as long as that standard is "shall issue". But at the same time, I would love to see federal constitutional carry. It's the trouble with being a "realist", knowing that you can't always get what you want - so sometimes you have to settle for what you can get, then push to move the line further toward your goal one step at a time.

    (100 yard runs aren't very common, while 10-play drives to a touchdown happen all the time. EVENTUALLY we can get there, but if every play is a hail-mary, it will take a lot longer, and we may LOSE ground in the mean time.)

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    I thought Federal law allowed retired LEOs to carry so long as they qualified with their department. Am I wrong here?

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    The federal law (HR218) that authroizes retired and active law enforement officers who have qualified with their handguns to carry concealed in all 50 states has not changed.

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    We need more folks with some actual balls like Carl Whimmer to run for president. A 1911 as the state logo?What a freakin genius. That shows he cares. That's the problem with today's society. No freakin balls. People who are always uptight about everything. Always trying to be proper and boring. Why not be proper and throw in some badgering fun since we're at it

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    I have mixed feelings about concealed carry pemits. Recent news indicates that it is the disturbed that are using guns to carry out their perverted plans. So maybe a background check would be in order to prevent a blood bath in public, reference to the Airzona tragity, but having one national permit that allows the constitutional carry is enough. That permit shouldn't be used to gererate more tax base to squandered by the government. The states where the applicant has applied can have the revenue, but make the permits for at least ten years. My passport last that long!

    I carry to protect myself and family, and I want my rights without all the legislation!

    If they won't listen VOTE THE BUMS OUT!!
    Your first problem is using your "feelings" to form your opinions instead of facts.

    Your second is using "news" as if they are facts.

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