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  1. Utah LTCF granted

    Hi all,
    earlyer today I spoke with BCI about my way over due permit. I spoke to a guy who said I was denied due to a harrasment charge. I explained to him that it wasn't even a misdamenor. It was a charge of the lowest form of harrasment. Harrassment reads as follows... "seriously annoying or alarming". It was unitentional on my part, and not intentional.

    I also told him that my lawyer said it was like spitting in the subway, and that I was to plead guilty. I also explained that the intial charged was dropped and was awarded the harrassment charge. The guy asked me what was the initial charge and I told him.

    He told me to hold on.... came back and said... it will be out in the mail tommarrow!!!!

  3. recieved!!!!

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