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Thread: Nonresident Utah Permit Turnaround Time

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    Nonresident Utah Permit Turnaround Time

    Just got my Utah CCW in the mail today. A 55 day turn around.

  3. My credit card was charged seven days after mailing. My renewal permit was issued three days later, but the postmark was five days after the issue date. Total time was 17 days from mailing to receipt.

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    I got my Utah Concealed Firearm Permit today, 11/3/2012. I sent the mail on 9/15/2012, credit card charged 9/21/2012. So, from time of credit card charge, it was about 43 days (if I counted right). Pretty fast.


  5. 45 days for me, but with one of those contingencies based on a print check with the FBI

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    Way to go Utah! Card was charged 10/25/13 - issued 11/12/13 and received in California today 11/18/13. These guys are Super Efficient!!

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    Good heavens, apparently Utah will hand a permit out to anyone.
    Makes me proud to call it home.
    Time to add FireMarshall Bill to the block list.

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    Took my Utah class in Greenville, SC on February 15, 2014. Not sure when the instructor actually mailed it. My non-resident permit was issued on April 18th. I received it on Friday, April 25, 2014.

  9. 8-19-14 to 9-15-14...much faster than expected..."pending FBI, prints, etc."

    How long is "pending?" (30 days???)

    After much more than 30 days...I just assumed all is OK...never heard further from them after receiving permit...and they never answered my e-mail in this regard...overall it was quick ;)

  10. 11/14/14, gave them the app in person, still waiting.

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