Brady Campaign Rates Utah Low On Gun Laws
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Thread: Brady Campaign Rates Utah Low On Gun Laws

  1. Brady Campaign Rates Utah Low On Gun Laws

    The nationally-based Brady Campaign is giving Utah a four out of 100 possible points on its latest scorecard.

    Many might argue such a score is a good thing. But Dee Rowland of the Utah Gun Violence Prevention Center does not.

    While she doesn't dispute the right to bear arms, or even to have concealed weapons permits, Rowland agrees with the Brady Campaign to Prevent Violence and it's claim that Utah's laws help feed the illegal gun market.

    "Such as the gun show loophole, where you can go to a gun show and purchase a weapon without a background check," she said.

    The report card also criticizes Utah's lack of limiting bulk gun sales and allowing non-residents to obtain concealed weapons permits.

    Local advocates are urging support of Utah Senate Bill 96, which would change that. Supporters, though, are not optimistic it will pass.

    Brady Campaign spokesman Paul Helmke says lawmakers "have done nothing to improve the state's reputation when it comes to common sense gun laws."

    By Marc Giauque


    I guess the Brady folks aren't too pleased w/ us...

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    I knew I liked utah!
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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    Good for Utah.
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    Hey Utah, not only do you score well on that lame rating scale, you provide me a non-resident concealed carry license many states recognize! Thanks and keep up the good work.

    Now, can we talk about unlicensed open carry?
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