Progressives Now Targeting Burlington Vermont. New York Style.....
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Thread: Progressives Now Targeting Burlington Vermont. New York Style.....

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    Progressives Now Targeting Burlington Vermont. New York Style.....

    Burlington withholding gun ordinance documents from public scrutiny - National gun rights |

    The City of Burlington is continuing a pattern of stonewalling and resistance to requests for documents related to gun ordinances being enacted in spite of state preemption of firearms laws in Vermont, a coalition of firearms rights advocates is charging in an email advisory sent out this morning.

    “The … latest log of withheld documents was provided to us on Tuesday,” the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs advised. “This brings to 117 the number of documents that the city has withheld from public view.”

    Gun Rights Examiner readers were informed of the city’s attempts to circumvent state law and of VFSC’s statutory information request in September. Since that initial report, the city at first rejected VFSC’s request, only to then agree to make documents accessible following a second request. As a subsequent report revealed, the city’s plan is to achieve what they can get and then come back and try for more later, with the ultimate and admitted goal of ending state preemption so cities can enact whatever anti-gun edicts they wish.

    “Remember, this is not the prosecution of a criminal charge or the city being a plaintiff or a defendant in a legal civil action,” VFSC reminded its supporters in this morning’s email. “This is the city denying the public the ability to see how it is going about passing a law that will result in citizens being arrested, tried for a violation of this law, facing loss of freedom and property, paying fines and incurring legal defense fees and expenses."

    That says much about the "diverse, forward-thinking" Mayor Miro Weinberger claims defines the town, with a council overwhelmingly populated by "Progressives" and "Democrats" (see photo, above).

    “Are you comfortable with any form of government in Vermont refusing to let the public see how it makes and/or enforces laws?” the VFSC advisory asks, urging supporters to register their objections with the mayor and the council.

    Click here to see the latest claim of exempted documents from the city. Additional evidence of official “shenanigans” is posted on The War on Guns and the VFSC blog.

    Tolerance of the intolerant leads to the destruction of tolerance. “You are also reminded that any inappropriate remarks or jokes concerning security may result in your arrest,” in the land of the free.

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    How about we ***** slap them all and kick their ass back to where ever it is they crawled out from under?!?!

    These things will not come to pass as long as I have breath in my body...

    Sent from behind Enemy Lines.

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