Obama on concealed weapons permits
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Thread: Obama on concealed weapons permits

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    Obama on concealed weapons permits

    • Obama on concealed weapons permits
    • As candidate for US Senate, Barack Obama spells out his plan for those holding concealed/carry permits. Source audio at NPR:
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    So did hitler. So did stalin. So did the ottomans
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    Obama on CCW Permits

    Scary, isn't it... and this guy got voted into office! In the next 4 years or so this "wunderkind" of the left will leave our personal rights in tatters. The folks that screamed how Geo. Bush shredded certain rights (yeah, that happened) for his evil ends won't even recognize what the Obama camp will do over the course of their administration. This will go way beyond 2nd Amendment issues and encroach on some of the non-controversial rights we now take for granted. Dark days ahead.
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  5. Obama on concealed weapons permits

    What an Ass Hole!

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    Hitler took control of Germany with cunning deceit and mesmerizing the sheeple with his speaking. Funny how history repeats itself.
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