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    Guns : Beretta Model 21A

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  3. Guns : Beretta Model 21A

    My wife and I had a Bobcat 21A, .22 cal. Nice little gun, but you have to losck your wrist and use very high velocity rounds in order for the gun to cycle smoothly. This is because that spring is so incredibly strong. You may have the .25 cal. Either way, still a great gun from a reputable manufacturer. Happy Shooting.

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    My 21A is also .22lr and pretty ammo finicky. It is, however, a nice little pistol and cheap to shoot. My KelTec P3AT is roughly the same size but thinner and, of course, fires .380 ammo. I'll not carry the 21A as long as the P3AT is available.

    Enjoy shooting it.
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    Guns : Beretta Model 21A

    I bought my 21A back around when your grandfather bought his. I used it for awhile after getting my CCW last year, and I used it as my trail hiking gun in the Sierras for years. It's light weight made it perfect as a small survival piece.

    I've fired thousands of rounds through it, and never had a FTF that I can remember. I guess I got lucky as others like NDS have had problems.

    Anyway, nice gun and hope you enjoy it.

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