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    hello all new to the forums have a question or to on applying for a va CHP. Im currently active duty military stationed in GA and will be getting out soon and heading back to VA my question is I recieved a ticket for disorderly conduct in Georgia two and a half years ago just wondering if that will affect my application process and if so should i just try and get a non-resident permit from florida. I know the answer is probably an easy find through google but im currently OCONUS in support of the Haiti relief effort and have very limited internet access so I figured I could stop by here and check. Thanks for your time.

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    So after returning home and doing a bit of looking around it appears that im fine unless I recieve another misdameanor between now and the time I apply (not likely). But now I have another question if anybody has an insight on this please feel free. Should I even put it down on the application?? I called the local court house for my home of record and they didnt seem to know a yes or no answer only that I should just in case. I wasnt necessarily convicted of it either I pleaded nolo contendere and did not recieve any punishment the judge just asked me if I had been over seas I answerd yes and he said If I get another misdameanor charge in this county he would add that one along with it.

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