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    FFL in Fairfax

    I've been entertaining the thought for awhile now of trying to obtain a ffl so that I can purchase firearms at low cost and sell them at a higher cost. I've found a few places where I can get popular H&K, Sig, Glock and Springfield models for an incredible low price. I could make decent money selling them on the auction sites and in person, probably even to the gun stores. I've been trying to see what requirements I need to meet in order to get one. The problem is the ATF site says I'm limited by local zoning laws. Further digging tells me that if I can operate a business out of my house I can have a FFL. When I try and find local zoning laws in Fairfax County I come up with very little off of their website, it's mostly aimed at doing business with them, not helping you open one.

    I don't wish to have a store front out my house, nor do I wish to really do transactions there. So if one followed logic there shouldn't be an issue. However city politicians (well politicians in general) do not follow logic, so I'm hoping someone could shed some light on this for me. Or some resources that could help me answer the questions for myself.
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    Yes if any info available would be greatly

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    I have a FFL out of my house in Spotsylvania VA with no store front. You have to get permission from the city or county by personally going there to start a business and let them know your intentions. Zoning law is key ad to whether or not you can sell out of your house. You also need the concurrence of the chief law enforcement official. ATF will check this and they will also come to your house for inspection.

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