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    Does the VA concealed carry permit allow you to carry any handgun or is it issued for only one specific handgun, in other words, if I own 5 handguns does the permit allow me to carry a different one each day ??

    Does the handgun you are carrying, with the permit, have to be registered ??

    Is it a good idea to register all your weapons ??

    Thanks in advance.

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    Recommend surf around this site to find the answers to your questions...definitively.
    Virginia State Police - Firearms/Concealed Weapons

  4. I did try to find the info even used the search function. No luck. The State Police site only addresses how to get the permit and what to do if you are having problems.

    What I find hard to believe is 113 people viewed my questions and no one could answer even one.

    Maybe all were seeking info too. There must be some Virginia experts out there.

  5. Yes you can carry any handgun you want... and no guns are not registered in virginia....

  6. Thanks "nite shark"

  7. welcome....sorry the screen name is from my car forums....

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    In general, if you are looking for answers to legal questions, this forum can give you a good idea of where to look and what you might learn, but the definitive answers are best found in the definitive sources; in this case the VA code. I think the reason the 113 visitors did not provide a direct answer is that the best any of us can do...for your to point you in the right direction. KNOWING the law regarding your carriage and use of handguns is a fairly important matter. I have found that the only way to KNOW the law is to read it yourself. Hearing from another person is fine, but in the business of carrying a handgun, you would be well-served to be able to cite it yourself. Not preaching, just passing on some experience.... for whatever it is worth....

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    Virginias permit reads Permit to carry a concealed handgun,you can carry a different gun every day,choice is yours....

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    concealed carry

    You can also carry more than one concealed handgun at the same time, as well.

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