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Thread: Time it took to get my Virginia Non-Resident Concealed Carry Permit

  1. Depending on your needs, you can get your Arizona, New Hampshire or Connecticut permit using the Virginia as a permit from " any other state"

  3. It took about three or four weeks to get it back for the name issue. I was just glad they didn't cash my money order and ask for another one.

  4. I finished my Texas CHL coruse and all paperwork . I am mailing the paperwork tomorrow morning. I shot 250 out of 250 on the range and missed 2 questions on the test.. Now the waiting game for Texas starts. I should have done this to begin with. No new from VA yet either, Its been over 2 months since
    notice of payment

  5. Forgive me If I am missing it somewhere in the thread, Is there a way to check the status of your permit?

  6. How many questions are on the test?

  7. Hi fellow shooters, has anyone got an update from Virginia? My 90 days is coming up on 4-4-13. I have not heard anything from them at all, except the payment recieved snail mail letter.
    also is she sending email notifcations out on a certin day of the week?

    50 questions on the Texas test most of which are common sense answers.

  8. I think it is taking a bit longer than usual these days for processing.

  9. I am headed to walmart to do my wallywalk today.. just got my virginia CHL in the mail..
    thank all for the updates etc. I am unsubscribing from this thead
    Still waiting on texas

  10. Got my VA non-res permit today April 6th. Very close to when I guessed it might be here.

    "Payment Received" letter was dated January 13th.

    Now let's hope Texas continues to recognize non-resident permits...

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    I am military stationed in VA, so I was able to get a resident and it took about a month. Be careful and check the map for reciprocity. I am a SC resident, and they will accept a VA Resident, but not a VA non-resident. I think there a couple of other states with that.

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