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Thread: This is going to be some bad press for CHP's

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    [QUOTE=roguejesse;180676]The statement "Getting one online without ever firing a gun" is False. Just media hype. You go online to download the application. That's all you get online, only the application, NOT the Concealed Carry Permit.

    What the news station is saying is, "To get a concealed weapons permit in Virginia, you need to go through training. But that doesn't mean it has to be hands-on training." They are saying that receiving the training online without ever having to fire a gun is a huge safety concern for both citizens and local law enforcement officials who fear online training may backfire.

    Here's the latest link. Now they have a place to comment.

    Could online weapons permits backfire? | | Portsmouth, Va.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roguejesse View Post
    The statement "Getting one online without ever firing a gun" is False. Just media hype. You go online to download the application. That's all you get online, only the application, NOT the Concealed Carry Permit.
    I was thinking the same thing Jesse. I live in Georgia. No range requirement, no training requirement in order to obtain your Georgia Weapons License.
    Yes... you can go on-line to download the app... but that's as far as you get
    without getting up off the couch, going into the Probate Court Office to
    complete the paperwork and then to whatever facility is designated by that
    county to get fingerprints done.
    THEN.... then you get to wait for the background check to be completed and
    the Probate Judge to approve your application.

    This almost makes it sound like an on-line ordination... use your paypal to
    make the $2 and download your license instantly... DOH !!!!

    Nope - I don't see bad news.. sounds almost like home to me
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    I hate the media...but with that said, their reference to the comment of 'without firing a gun' comes from this:

    "Completing any firearms training or safety course or class, including an electronic, video, or on-line course, conducted by a state-certified or National Rifle Association-certified firearms instructor;"

    which is what you pasted..roguejesse
    and its also #7 on the requirement list on the Virgina State Police website

    is the wording and clarification of the law piss poor? Yes
    are they bringing issues to light? maybe
    is this anything new? No
    Should this stupidity encourage those of us with knowledge to inform the public of how things are normally done and training,? Absolutely

    take from it what you will...

  5. There is no requirement for hands-on training in Virginia. You are required to take a safety class that gives the basic safety procedures. The online class does this and you have to pass a written test at the end of the video to show understanding of the material.

    You could sit in a class room and do the same thing. Still no requirement to handle or fire a firearm.

    What WAVY 10's report was is yellow journalism. They were trying to stir trouble making it sound like all you had to do was go online and get your CHP. No background check, etc.. Also they left out that in Virginia if you can legally own a gun, you do not need a CHP to carry a handgun openly with no training requirement at all. That was an inconvenient fact for their trash piece.

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    OK, I've reviewed the latest video. The commentator makes a good point" just because you have a gun doesn't mean you know how to use it". Which is also true with a car. There are millions of people that are on the roads that don't have a clue what they are doing. That 40 hour mandated car driving training doesn't seem instill good driving habits either; texting, tailgating, no signaling, excessive speed for conditions.

    No matter what, government can't instill personal responsibility, be it driving a car, or shooting a gun. This is something the individual must take upon himself to do. Unfortunately much of society has been coddled by government, and lost a sense of personal responsibility. Parasitic lawyers have encouraged a litigious society, where someone else is to blame for their own stupidity. In merry Ol' England, a burglar got shot breaking into a house, and the home owner got penalized and sued by the criminal with the help of a government supplied lawyer. But I digress.

    The 2nd Amendment allows you to have a firearm, it is your personal responsibility as an armed citizen to know how to use it.

    Your driver's licence doesn't mean you're qualified to drive in the Indy 500, neither does purchasing a firearm nor getting the Concealed Carry Permit qualify you to be on a SWAT team. But to get to those levels of proficiency requires quality training, practice, and mindset. That is your responsibility.
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