Fairfax Co. PD discuss how they respond to "Man with a gun" calls
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Thread: Fairfax Co. PD discuss how they respond to "Man with a gun" calls

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    Fairfax Co. PD discuss how they respond to "Man with a gun" calls

    Nothing new in this 70 minute video for people who've spent some time on the forum and have read the applicable Virginia Code Sections; however, could be beneficial for people newly contemplating OC in VA or maybe for new CHP holders in VA.

    3X PM

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    Sending Out A Copy

    When the House Bill H.R. 822 (National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Bill) gets pasted and signed (BHO will sign it as part of a larger bill), I intend to send a copy of this video to Commisioner Kelly in NYC, as part of an email.

    I want to give him, and the NYPD, the best chance to get it right, when the Sullivan Law gets neutured by this bill, at least for out-of-towners. I was in the NYC area after the Sean Bell case (where a group of guys left a strip bar the night before Bell's wedding, and were shot up - Bell was killed - by plain clothes NYD operatives because somebody had said the word "gun" on the way out) went through the courts.

    The NYPD has a policy of stopping and frisking young, minority males on the street that drives libertard gun banners like Bob Herbert of the New York Times nuts, and this legislation will make it very possible that young, minority males with valid resident concealed carry permits from Florida and Pennsylvania, for example, will be harrassed because they are young and minority (old geezers like me will be ignored).

    There is a big cultural shift in the NYPD that will have to take place, and I just want it to happen without people being killed.
    Orlando, FL

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