Attorney General Opinion on Carry in Church
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Thread: Attorney General Opinion on Carry in Church

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    Attorney General Opinion on Carry in Church

    Here's is a link to the letter signed April 8, 2011.


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    The fight is just beginning. Stay tuned...

    Senator A. Donald McEachin:

    "Next Session, I will put in a bill to not have guns in places of worship and then an honest debate on the merits of this policy can occur, culminating in a vote by all the elected representatives in the General Assembly. This serious decision can then be made by the people, not by a single individual's political grandstanding."

    In the meantime, I'm carrying to today's sunrise service.

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    Somebody should inform Sen McEachin that a church is a private business and the decision should be left up to the individual church...not a statute created by a bunch of bureaucrats.

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    You're preaching to the choir here, mrjam2jab. I expect the readers of this site all agree with you. OTOH, it's unlikely we'll change McEachin's mind...he's a fervent anti.

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