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    Talking CHP submitted this week

    Hello Everyone, I just turned in my CHP this week on 9/13 and canít wait to get it back since I picked up a S&W BG 380 for CC.

  3. congrats!!

    congrats on getting your permit, i got mine about 2 months ago,
    i got a highpoint 380 to carry, and i carry it everywhere, everday!

  4. @rengle02: those sw bg380's are hot little numbers. with usable iron-sights to boot! my p3at is great, but if i had had another hundred or so to spend, i might would have gotten one of those. laser has to be great for that kind of package, even with the real sights.
    make sure you get familiar with the laws. you have to know the rules of the game you're playing. Legislative Information System > 2011 Session has your searchable code of virginia and virginia administrative code, Loudoun County Ordinances has your county code. but be careful if you stray into other jurisdictions. and stay out of the dc gun free zone. only cops criminals and politicians (but i repeat myself) are allowed to pack heat there. know your rights and the law and don't let the cops screw you over. then when you get comfortable enough, you can open carry and help normalize gun ownership. NOVA could use it. fight the good fight.

    @high-tech: as long as it goes bang every time you pull the trigger, it doesn't have to be pretty. and a gun you can afford and carry everywhere beats the one you leave in the store or at home any day. don't let people talk too much smack about your high-point. they do have good warranties. still, you should consider one day trading it for a 2-3x more pricy but 3x more concealable p3at, lcp, or bodyguard. if you're gonna be spitting out 380's, you might as well move to something that gives you the most advantage for the caliber. 380's are great, but that blaster you got is huge.

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