Is CC in Chesapeake VA a hassle?
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Thread: Is CC in Chesapeake VA a hassle?

  1. Is CC in Chesapeake VA a hassle?

    As a resident of Chesapeake I "understand" the city has a loose "policy" of confiscating handguns regardless of the situation. When CC comes up on a traffic check for example you are required to relinquish the weapon. In order to have it returned, you must hire a lawyer and go to court (at substantial cost) to have your weapon return under the Federal guidelines. They lose in court but the expense of recovering prohibits many from continuing. These stories have been related to me a couple of times from different people at the range... anyone out there who might be able to confirm or deny this "soft policy" in Chesapeake please advise... Thanks tons!! (My first day here and glad I found it... a GREAT site!!)

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    Where have you heard that nonsense? :)

    Totally untrue.

  4. I heard it too but it was years ago. The owner of the Armory said she never had a problem and she and he husband live there. Just don't get pulled over and you'll be fine ;-)

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    I live in Richmond, but I'm in Chesapeake a lot, since I'm concealed I've never had an issue. But have buddies down there and I've never heard anything like that. I'd call the police and politely ask WTF! If it's true I'm sure the VCDL would have a field day with them.

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    I lived in Chesapake for 4 years. Had no issues with it at all. Might have been certian officers. Norfolk has a fer sheriff officers that will hem you up for open carry for no reason though.

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