Turnaround On CC Permit
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Thread: Turnaround On CC Permit

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    Turnaround On CC Permit

    I submitted on 7 May at Virginia Beach courthouse.

    Issue date: 22 May

    Arrived via mail today, 31 May.

    No fingerprints required.

    Training validation was through my DD214.

    Not bad.

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    not bad at all but being military it should have been issued upon clean and clear discharge imo
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    Quote Originally Posted by eagleeyes View Post
    not bad at all but being military it should have been issued upon clean and clear discharge imo
    Having commanded at all levels in the Army 0ver 32 years, I can tell you that a background check is not a bad idea.... I didnt mind the wait. The application process at the courthouse was as friendly and efficient as anything I have seen lately in regards to government. Less than 2 minutes.

    The card is less than spectacular, it is just a printed piece of paper (which I had laminated after signing).

    For someone who knows: Is there a different kind of carry license Virginia issues to security types on hard plastic? I saw one and wondered if it was actually a Virginia issued credential.

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    Henrico, submitted on July 2, date on permit is July 11, received in mail July 19. Not bad at all, much faster then I remember back in 2005 when I got my first one (that has been expired for 2 years).

    July 2 was the first business day with the new rules in Virginia that went live July 1 (a Sunday). So Henrico did not fingerprint as the new state rules no longer leave it up to the county to decide.
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    Took class on 6-30-12. Instructor submited to state. Check has not even cleared yet. Must be very busy. Utah
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  7. I live in Henrico and I received my CCW permit in 9 business days. No fingerprinting.

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    Does anyone know if I can go to VA and apply in person for a NON-Resident permit? Or does it all have to be done via mail?

  9. Richochet you can apply for a non-resident permit in person in VA

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