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Thread: List Of Virginia Gun Stores

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    Winchester, VA
    Virginia Pistol
    5267 John Marshall Highway (Rt.55)
    Linden, VA 22642
    just outside of Front Royal

    handguns, ammo and accessories.
    NRA pistol courses
    Open 7 days a week in the evenings!
    " Speed is fine, but accuracy is FINAL, and I've yet to hear of a man being killed by a fast noise!" William H. Jordan US Boder Patrol

  3. Dawson's Small Arms-The World

    14510 Jefferson Davis Hwy
    Woodbridge, VA 22191-2808
    (703) 490-3308
    firearms transfer: $50
    good people,
    i've had both my bought guns shipped there.

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    Stonewall Arms, LLC
    2438 Valley Ave.
    Winchester, VA 22601

    (540) 535-2191

    Mon-Fri 10am to 6:30pm
    Sat 9am to 3pm
    Closed on Sunday
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    Charlottesville, VA

    ABC Sporting Goods

    ABC Sporting Goods
    750 Stapleton Rd
    Gladstone, VA 24553
    [email protected]

    Only charges $2 for FFL out of state transfer. I have purchased/transfered several handguns from/through them and have been happy with everything.

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    Winchester, VA
    If you live in Front Royal or Winchester area check out Virginia Pistol!

    It's a small and personal 1 man shop and the prices an Jims attitude and service are GREAT!
    The owner/chief cook and bottle washer (Jim) is a NRA Certified Instructor, Glock Armorer, and he just got back from attending the Glock Instructors workshop.

    He has an assortment of self defense guns in his shop, holsters, safes etc BUT he also has an online store at Welcome to Front Royal Virginia Guns! Where You Can Buy Guns Online! where you can buy a gun from one of his distributors and it's shipped to his shop and you don't pay any transfer fees. Shop is just outside of Front Royal on Rt 55.

    His main website is Welcome to Virginia Pistol!
    I just picked up a Springfield XD .40 compact with all XD gear for $500.00!

    Virginia Pistol
    5267 John Marshall Hwy
    Linden, VA 22642
    Office and Training: 540-636-9476
    Store: 540-671-5989
    " Speed is fine, but accuracy is FINAL, and I've yet to hear of a man being killed by a fast noise!" William H. Jordan US Boder Patrol

  7. Post

    1801 W Beverley St
    Staunton, VA 24401
    Phone: 540-886-3061

    Only just spoke to them on the phone yesterday for the first time (and "The Boss", there, is supposedly searching for something for me), but they seem like a nice bunch ... so far......

    *UPDATED* - Okay, their online "Gun Search" is a bit wacky ... takes you to Davidsons (and that doesn't really seem to help much or count for anything?), but anyway, Nuckols is now listed here, for folks that may be in/near the Staunton area.

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    Woodbridge, VA
    Quote Originally Posted by Pele View Post
    I got my gun and frequently shoot at:

    Gilbert's Small Arms Range, Inc.
    8194-M Terminal Rd.
    Lorton, Virginia 22076
    Phone: 703-550-8005
    (Gilbert Small Arms Range Inc. - Springfield, VA) Home Page

    This is now called Sharpshooters Sharp Shooters Small Arms Range : Premier Northern Virginia, DC/Metro source for all your shooting needs and the old link is no longer valid. I believe the address is still the same. Gilberts search yields a big range in Rockville, MD.

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    Clark Brothers is a little higher priced but the staff is friendly and they have a free shooting range (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun) behind the store. The firing line is covered and they have a full-time range master. You must buy any ammo/targets used on the range from the store.

    Clark Brothers
    10016 James Madison Highway
    Warrenton, VA 20186-7820
    (540) 439-8988
    Clark Brothers - Home

  10. New Gun Store In Charlottesville area

    I wanted to give a plug for a new store in the Cvill area. The onwer is Greg Armstrong and I've used him to handle transfers and purchased on pistol prior to him opening his shop. He's a good guy and I wish him much success. Here's his info

    Crossroad Gun Shop
    78 Zion Park Ct.
    Troy, VA 22974
    Home Page

    Check him out

  11. Nova Armament
    795 Center Street #4A
    Herndon, VA 20170
    Phone: (703) 435-4222

    Excellent selection and transfer policy. Soon to be offering training, as well.

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