Virginia Passes SB 1035 Restaurant Carry, Rejects SB 1257 Private Gun Sales Ban
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Thread: Virginia Passes SB 1035 Restaurant Carry, Rejects SB 1257 Private Gun Sales Ban

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    Virginia Passes SB 1035 Restaurant Carry, Rejects SB 1257 Private Gun Sales Ban

    This week brought good news for Virginia gun owners.

    Yesterday the Virginia Senate passed SB 1035, patroned by Senator Emmett W. Hanger, Jr. (R - Mt. Solon), to repeal the hated restaurant ban. A matching bill, HB 1821 patroned by Delegate Joseph P. Johnson, Jr. (D – Abingdon), is pending action by the House of Delegates. Meanwhile New Mexico's House Business & Industry Committee unanimously recommended a bill to decriminalize gun carry in many or most restaurants serving alcohol, and a similar bill will be also considered by the Tennessee legislature this year. [See previous report.]

    And today the Virginia Senate rejected SB 1257 patroned by Senator Henry Marsh (D – Richmond) and amended by Senator Creigh Deed (D – Bath County) to ban most private sales of guns at gun shows. Bill backers like Senator Janet Howell (D – Fairfax County) disingenuously blamed gun shows for the 2006 Virginia Tech murders and called private sales at gun shows not just a “loophole” but “a gaping hole.”

    Sorry Senator. The people's freedom of contract in guns is not a loophole – it’s the public policy of Virginia and most states. And freedom’s no loophole.

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    Dont worry, King Timmy will kill it again.

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    Keep us posted on this one Lukem... I'd really hope this one goes thru completely.

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    Read article in the paper our great gov.said he would veto it again,election time comes he needs to go.

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    Kaine vetoes death penalty expansion, gun bills | |

    Killed the bill... only hope now is to get the House and Senate to override the veto. The General Assembly convenes April 8th guys... so get out there and write your local reps in the State Senate! Each and every one...

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    Governor Kaine needs to go!

    He has no concept what a law abiding citizen is!

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    OK friends, Tim is out. Let's see if Bob McDonnell will do us a better job.

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    That's good. That was quite an upset in Virginia and New jersey!

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