Sign our Petition TODAY to Stop Radical Ralph’s Gun Ban

Drunk with power, Governor Ralph Northam has pledged once again to ban common semi-automatic firearms with standard capacity magazines, calling them “assault weapons.”

Sources inside the Capitol have confirmed that Northam is looking to push through House Bill 961, the so-called “assault weapons bill,” or another similar bill as early as this August.

We need your help to stop him!

There are several vital steps you need to take right now unless you want Radical Ralph to ban guns here in Virginia.

It is truly immoral that after allowing rioters to roam our streets, and releasing criminals from prison, Governor Northam is dead set to take away your last line of defense.

So we need your support right now.

First, you need to sign our petition to Stop the Northam Gun Ban below.

Next, you need to ask ten of your friends to sign and then pass along the petition as well. Nothing stops politicians like knowing they face a huge mob of angry voters.

Third, you need to call the following State Senators and demand that they go on record opposing any attempt to ban semi-automatic firearms with standard-capacity (30) magazines, otherwise known by the anti-gun nuts as “assault weapons.” These Senators voted against House Bill 961 earlier this year, and we need them on record that they will do so again.

Senator John Edwards-D-21- 540-985-8690

Senator Creigh Deeds-D-25-434-296-5491

Senator Lynwood Lewis-D-6-757-787-1094

Senator Chap Petersen- D-34- 703-349-3361

Senator Emmett Hanger- R-24- 540-885-6898

Please email us at [email protected] and let us know what they tell you.

Last year the gun grabbers boasted proudly they were going to ban guns in Virginia, but you stopped them.

This time they will not announce it and give us time to mobilize. But I have been told by multiple sources inside of Richmond that this is exactly what they plan to do.

In fact, just a few weeks ago, Northam said this:

“I will not stop, and that piece of legislation will be introduced again to ban assault weapons [from] our streets.”

You need to sign our petition to Stop the Northam Gun Ban below.
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