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    Store/Range/Instruction Suggestions

    My brother-in-law, who lives in Auburn, has seen the light and realized that he at least needs to have a shotgun for home defense. I'll continue working on him to go further as I can.

    In the meantime, as I live in GA, I would appreciate recommendations on stores when he can buy a 870 and be treated gently as a newbie, where he can get instruction (there is only so much I can do in the week he will be here), and a range where he can get in practice time.

    If you know of a great location that can do all three, that would be great.


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    dusted Guest
    what state?

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    Sorry I wasn't clear. He lives in Auburn WA.

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    dusted Guest
    no problem. if it was auburn MA i would have had suggestions, but that's the wrong side of the country

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    I would suggest the Puyallup Gun Show if you're there during that time(May 14-15), but there's no way to guarantee nice treatment like a newbie at a big show like that. Besides, you'd have to hunt for the gun. That may appeal to some folks, but not everyone wants to walk around for hours to find the best deal in the house. Plus, he'd have to become a member before he could buy a gun there which could possibly take some of the savings from buying there. Though, if he starts liking guns, the membership is cheap entertainment(if he can keep himself from buying one every trip!)

    The following search gives "gun shop near auburn, wa" :
    gun shop near auburn, wa - Google Search

    Phone calls are pretty cheap these days. I'd recommend giving some of them a ring and ask some newbie questions to see if they might meet the standard you're looking for(or at least seem friendly enough visit while you're with your brother).

    Adding the search "Gun range near auburn, wa" because most gun shops aren't gun ranges at the same time(at least not shotgun capable ones).

    Gun range near auburn, wa - Google Search

    (Unfortunately, the top result is for Bull's Eye Tacoma. It's not a place I liked visiting, plus it's the shady place where the DC sniper got his gun. I heard they changed owners, but that it hasn't made it any better.)

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    Here are a couple of places I go.

    For gun sales and range time Champion Arms 18801 East Valley Highway Kent, WA 98032-1219 (253) 872-0444
    For gun sales Ben's Loan 1005 South 2nd Street Renton, WA 98057-2115 (425) 255-3638 I have bought here and prices seem fair.
    For gun sales Federal Way Discount Guns 33120 Pacific Hwy S Federal Way, WA 98003 (253) 927-5229
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    If he will travel south on 167 go west on 512 to Canyon Road and make a left turn at the exit cross over the highway, the Marksman is on the left. I do belive they allow shotguns at the indoor range. Welcome to our website : The Marksman - Where the Professionals Train Might be worth the call.

    Great staff, nice store, nice range.

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    Try the Marksman in Puyallup.

    Here is the link to their store:Welcome to our website : The Marksman - Where the Professionals Train

    Nice store and friendly staff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by THK View Post
    Try the Marksman in Puyallup.

    Here is the link to their store:Welcome to our website : The Marksman - Where the Professionals Train

    Nice store and friendly staff.
    I can vouch for the store and staff(not the range). I was treated well when I visited. Well lit too so it's easy to inspect your potential purchase.

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